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About Me

»snow & rain
»tea & diet coke
»blue, white, cream
»zelda, tes, okami, etc.
»rock/metal, instrumental
»sumikko gurashi

I'm a very muse driven artist.
emotions and music typically drive me,
though I cannot draw when I'm stressed.

Wood by LewKat
my OC Lear is a huge part of me.
sometimes I find he represents the worst of me,
which is why many of my older vents contain him.
though... he's far meaner then I. ;-;

In that sense by Nopeita

Cm - Lear Valle pixel by AzureHowlShilach
Page dolls by: Nopeita AzureHowlShilach Cylithren and sighthounds

These artists inspire me...

:iconakreon: :iconalaiaorax: :iconautlaw: :iconazzai: :iconcakeindafridge: :iconcanisalbus: :iconcatandcrown: :iconchristinzakh: :iconculpeo-fox: :icondaesiy: :icondalkur: :icondanzzila: :icondenovember: :icondezzoi: :icondj88: :iconeredhys: :iconevana: :iconsighthounds: :iconfavetoni: :icongrypwolf: :iconhellcorpceo: :iconimpalae: :iconkate-fox: :iconkenket: :iconmyhilary: :iconmzzazn: :iconnadiavanderdonk: :iconnataliedecorsair: :iconnaviira: :iconsafiru: :iconserphire: :icontamberella: :icontazihound: :iconvyrosk: :iconvesner: :iconvivzmind: :iconwaltwoor: :iconwavyrr: :iconwhiluna: :iconxkoday: :iconyuumei:

These concept artists are amazing...

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This list is in no particular order and
honestly I dream of being as good as any of them. ;-;
There's so many more artists to add to this list,
most listed are wolf artists or concept artists.
BUT! My favorite artists are those
with a unique aesthetic or style.
Anatomy is important to me
but style is what catches the eye.


Vent..apartment troubles..

Journal Entry: Fri Feb 3, 2017, 1:18 PM
Okay I didn't wanna seem dramatic but I need to vent this..

Is it normal to have a constant fear that something bad is going to happen?

Like, someone doesn't reply right away and you wonder if they got into an accident.
And you panic a little thinking they are gone forever.

I never used to have this anxiety.
But holy shit it's hard to get through the "bad days" when I tend to be like this.


This time my "bad days" are being triggered by this lovely situation..

New people moved in below us.
They have only been here 1 month about, and have complained to the rental office about us, maybe 5 times.
About noise. They say our dog barks and runs inside our home. Well, duh, he's a growing puppy but he doesn't just run wild in the house. He also only barks when there's a noise outside, or a stranger at our door.
Obviously we work on that, but he's only 8 months old. However, the growth he's shown in the past month alone have been incredible. It's amazing how dogs can be so frustrating some times, and just when you think they aren't "getting it," they seem to train themselves in a day.

The people below us, however, don't seem to like dogs. They claim our 8 month is aggressive looking. We had to get proof from our daycare ladies and the groomer that he isn't. It was embarrassing but they were very kind and understanding..

Then with the noise complaints, nobody has EVER complained about us since we moved here. Then these terrors moved in and it's been hell. They are like, fresh 19 year olds, feeling entitled in their first apartment.
The first time it was about a vacuum at 10 pm. Okay, yeah, we were cleaning up an accidental mess.
The second time it was a "running sound." I don't know what they were talking about.
Now it's always about a bark that lasts 10 seconds, or one stomp, literally any sound that could possibly resonate they have called about.
We are not loud people. The room we spend 70% of the time in, they do not even HAVE.
We use no loud music, no tv, no friends or parties, literally it's 3 people and a dog. We are quiet all day or gone, and at night we are in that room. Or asleep. Quiet.

We got a call last night (1 AM) from the security guy, another complaint.
There was a sound outside, like a sudden muffled "boom." And.. our dog barked. Two woofs. :) Two. We were not fast enough to silence him..
To be honest, if they could hear they sound, they were not asleep or even in their bedroom. Or they sleep on eggshells.
I pulled the phone away from my boyfriend and started chewing out the innocent security guy, and then started crying.
He agreed that we are quiet but he had to call us anyways cuz its policy...he was so friendly but I just don't know what to do..

I was crying in the rental office for an hour, two weeks ago, trying to explain our dog is not aggressive and that we do not make noise.. they seem to like us and find us quiet and friendly, but it's all policy this, policy that.

Now I'm just mad and I don't know what to do. I had my first cigarette last night in a while. (I quit smoking well over a year ago.)
These people below us are terrors. I can't relax. I just want to cry.

Which do you use? 

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love your art work keep it up Clap 
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